Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adam Kaufman : 'Spray Tan Trial' Why The Delay ?

The chief medical medical examiner for Miami-Dade County, Florida, said this week it took him about a year and half to investigate Lima Kaufman’s cause of death because he wanted to be sure.

Kaufman died in November 2007. Her husband, Adam Kaufman is on trial, accused of killing her. The case made national headlines in 2009 when Kaufman's defense suggested she died from an allergic reaction to spray tan.

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On Monday, Dr. Bruce Hyman told the jury he suspected homicide from the beginning, but wanted to rule out other possibilities before making his determination. 

“I was concerned that this was a mechanical asphyxiation right from the start,” said Hyma. The forensic pathologist has performed or supervised 10,000 autopsies over the course of his career. “I clearly understood what was at stake here and I didn’t want to rush to judgment,” he said.

Hyma said Lina Kaufman suffered several injuries that led him to conclude she was strangled, including:
  • Ruptured blood vessels in her eyes
  • Linear scratch on the right side of her chin
  • Abrasion under the chin
  • Internal bleeding in the right and left muscles of the neck
  • Bruise under her left elbow
  • Bruise on top of her left shoulder
During opening statements last week, the defense made no reference to the spray tan theory, and instead blamed the death on an undiagnosed heart problem that caused fainting spells.
Hyma told the jury that testing on Lina Kaufman’s heart revealed a scar, but said there weren’t any flaws in her heart that played a role in her death.

Hyman was expected to continue his testimony Tuesday morning. In Session on truTV is covering the trial live, and coverage begins at 9 a.m. ET.