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Judge : No Mistrial In Drew Peterson Murder Trial.

A  judge said Thursday that he believed Drew Peterson could receive a fair trial in his murder case, but not before chiding prosecutors for entering inadmissible evidence and criticizing them in front of jurors.

Testimony resumed with paramedics and a locksmith shortly after the resolution of the in-court legal drama, which came close to ending the high-profile trial before it had barely begun.
The 58-year-old Peterson is charged with first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose body was found in a dry bathtub. He also is a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, but has never been charged in her case.
On Thursday morning, Judge Edward Burmila instructed jurors that a prosecutor had asked a question Wednesday "she knew would elicit an inadmissible response." Thomas Pontarelli testified Wednesday that he found a bullet in his driveway and believed Peterson put it there to intimidate him.

But Burmila, who angrily told prosecutors Wednesday he was leaning toward wiping out everything Pontarelli said, backed off.

"The court believes that the defendant's ability to receive a fair trial is not extinguished at this time," Burmila told attorneys before bringing the jury back and instructing them disregard the last few minutes of Pontarelli's testimony.

It was the latest legal hurdle of many in a saga that stretches back nearly a decade. A botched initial investigation left prosecutors with no physical evidence. Savio's cause of death wasn't changed from accidental to a homicide until her body was exhumed in 2007. And prosecutors have been forced them to rely heavily on normally prohibited more

Drew Peterson: Breaking News On The Peterson Murderson Trial.

Drew Peterson, seen in this May 2009 booking photo, is charged with murder in the drowning death of his former wife Kathleen Savio. (Will County Sheriff's Office / AP, file)
Drew Peterson, seen in this May 2009 booking photo, is charged with murder in the drowning death of his former wife Kathleen Savio. (Will County Sheriff's Office / AP, file)
Drew Peterson, a former suburban Chicago police officer is charged with killing his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. Her death was ruled an accident until police began investigating the 2007 disappearance of his 4th wife, Stacy Peterson. - AP

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Adam Kaufman : Motive For The Murder - Kaufman Was Having An Affair.

The real estate developer accused of murdering his wife was having an affair with another woman, prosecutors said in court today, on the same day the medical examiner testified that strangulation by another person was the cause of death.
The murder trial of Adam Kaufman, from Miami, resumed today with prosecutors introducing a motive for the murder of his wife Lina Kaufman, who he is accused of strangling to death.
Kaufman claims his wife had a heart defect and that he woke up on November 7, 2007, and found her unconscious in the bathroom, with her neck draped over a magazine holder.
Today: Adam Kaufman shook his head as prosecutors accused him of having an affair while his wife was alive
Today: Adam Kaufman shook his head as prosecutors accused him of having an affair while his wife Lina was alive
Eleonora (Lina) Kaufman pictured here on her wedding day was allegedly found unconcious on the bathroom floor in November 2007 by her husband Adam. He is standing trial for her murder in Miami-Dade
Eleonora (Lina) Kaufman pictured here on her wedding day was allegedly found unconcious on the bathroom floor in November 2007 by her husband Adam. He is standing trial for her murder in Miami-Dade
He earlier blamed her death on an extreme allergic reaction to a spray tan she had done the day before for the first time.
But Chief Medical examiner Dr Bruce Hyma returned to the stand today and testified that he was convinced 'to a medical certainty' that Lina Kaufman died from 'mechanical asphyxiation' applied by 'another person or persons'.
He said the deep strangulation bruising on Lina Kaufman’s neck could not have been caused by the flimsy magazine holder.
Earlier in the day, state Attorney Bill Baldwin told Judge Browyne Miller of Kaufman's alleged affair and his behavior soon after his wife's death: 'Here, he's asking this girl out with his dead wife's wedding ring on his finger, a month later.

'By January, February, they're having regular sex. He was not exactly devastated by his wife's passing. I mean, the best analogy I can think of is when Casey Anthony getting a tattoo.'
The defense balked at the prosecution's allegations, according to Local
'This takes the cake,' said attorney William Matthewman. 'What is the possible relevance of this testimony? There is none.
'There is absolutely no evidence of any impropriety during this marriage, any marital infidelity during this marriage, on either side.
'Adam is still wearing his wedding ring. He has to be forced to go out.'
Emotional testimony: Rina Azulay said her friend was fit and healthy and never had any medical problems
Emotional testimony: Rina Azulay said her friend was fit and healthy and never had any medical problems that she was aware of

Tears: Melissa Fedowitz wept as she described Lina as a 'one in a million, strong, happy, vibrant friend'
Tears: Melissa Fedowitz wept as she described Lina as a 'one in a million, strong, happy, vibrant friend'
The prosecution then admitted they had no evidence that Kaufman was unfaithful to his wife prior to her death.
Two of Lina Kaufman's closest friends also told the court that she was a specimen of good health and never complained of shortness of breath or chest pains.
Melissa Fedowitz wept as she described Lina as a 'one in a million, strong, happy, vibrant friend.'
In the afternoon, Dr John Stollar, the emergency room physician who treated Lina when she got to hospital, told the court when asked what his preliminary diagnosis of how she died was.
'Perhaps she had a broken neck, perhaps she was strangled, perhaps she was hung,' he said.
Last week, the Florida court listened to the dramatic 911 call made by Kaufman on the night of November 7.

'Oh my god - I don't know what is going on,' he is heard saying. 'I don't know what happened. She's on the floor dying. She's not breathing.'
Adam Kaufman (left) with attorney Al Milian, in a Miami-Dade court during beginning arguments in his second degree murder trial
Adam Kaufman (left) with attorney Al Milian, in a Miami-Dade court during beginning arguments in his second degree murder trial
The prosecution allege that the call occurred moments after Kaufman strangled his wife to death at their Aventura, Florida, home.

Wiping tears away from his eyes as he sat in court, Kaufman watched as the prosecution showed the jury pictures of his wife's body covered in cuts and abrasions, which they said were not there hours before her death.
The prosecution acknowledged that it took state medical examiners 18 months to issue a finding that Lina Kaufman's death was murder, but Mansfield said that was due to all possible alternatives being considered.

Adam Kaufman, 39 (left) claims that he found his wife collapsed onto the magazine rack seen in the right picture in the couple's Aventura, Florida, home
Adam Kaufman, 39 (left) claims that he found his wife collapsed onto the magazine rack seen in the right picture in the couple's Aventura, Florida, home
Adam Kaufman, 39 (left) claims that he found his wife collapsed onto the magazine rack seen in the right picture in the couple's Aventura, Florida, home
The defense team for Kaufman told the jury that Lina Kaufman was cursed with fainting episodes and also had significant scarring on her heart, which could have been the cause of her collapse.
They also concluded that the injuries to the mother-of-two's neck were the result of falling and hitting the magazine rack in the bathroom.

'This case is a tragedy of errors. An innocent man was charged with a non-existent crime, this is a prosecution in search of a crime,' said Matthewman.
The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case tomorrow.
Judge Bronwyn Miller listens to an attorney in opening arguments in the second degree murder trial of Adam Kaufman
Judge Bronwyn Miller listens to an attorney in opening arguments in the second degree murder trial of Adam Kaufman

Joseph Mansfield, Assistant State Attorney, (left) gives an opening argument in the trial of Adam Kaufman as Bill Matthewman, attorney for Adam Kaufman, (right) listens
Joseph Mansfield, Assistant State Attorney, (left) gives an opening argument in the trial of Adam Kaufman as Bill Matthewman, attorney for Adam Kaufman, (right) listens
Joseph Mansfield, Assistant State Attorney, (left) gives an opening argument in the trial of Adam Kaufman as Bill Matthewman, attorney for Adam Kaufman, (right) listens
The death of Lina Kaufman came to national prominence when her husband was charged with her murder in 2009, 18 months after her death and only when Kaufman complained to the medical examiner's office about the amount of time spent on the investigation.

Appearing in court in 2009, the property developer's defense initially hinged around a spray tan the day before her death, Lina's first ever, which was claimed caused her to have a massive allergic reaction according to NBC Miami
However, the prosecution have been dismissive of this claim and that of Lina suffering from a bad heart.

'Under the laws of science, it's impossible to have happened either way the defendant suggested it happened,' said Mansfield.
Adam and Lina Kaufman pictured on a family holiday were said to have had a happy marriage according to friends and family
Adam and Lina Kaufman pictured on a family holiday were said to have had a happy marriage according to friends and family
Opening the case by playing the distressing 911 call, Kaufman was heard hysterically screaming that his wife is not breathing.

The prosecution alleged that the information Kaufman gave on the call was that of a calculating man beginning to cover his tracks.

'Lina had a bad heart,' countered defence attorney Bill Matthewman.

'You will hear no motive. No evidence of a motive whatsoever.

'No life insurance. No financial crimes. No affairs during the marriage on behalf of Adam or Lina.

'No neighbours heard any arguments.'

Under house arrest with his two children since 2009, Kaufman is supported by his wife's family and her mother will testify to the court that her daughter 'suffered from seizures, from fainting, from headaches.'

It was on November 6, 2007, that Eleonora 'Lina' Kaufman received her first even spray tan, went to see a girlfriend who looked at the work and noted at the time there were no bruises on her body.

Then at 6am on November 7, a frantic sounding Kaufman phoned 911 to report his wife's death, in a phone call which lasted more than 15 minutes.

'Oh God! Oh God! Lina,' cried Kaufman as he was instructed to give his wife CPR.

During the trial, the jury heard from Dr Tracy Baker, a plastic surgeon who had performed breast-implant surgery on Lina Kaufman.
Adam Kaufman is introduced by his defence team as a proud father and as a distraught widower on the day the 911 call he made to report discovering his wife on their bathroom floor was played to the court
Adam Kaufman is introduced by his defence team as a proud father and as a distraught widower on the day the 911 call he made to report discovering his wife on their bathroom floor was played to the court
He told told the court that he knew Lina to be fit and to work out two to three times a week and that during his examination of her never found any heart symptoms.

The court also heard from Larissa Adamyan, Lina's best friend who said that she had seen her friend have at least one fainting spell.

'She was dizzy, she called me. She was dizzy and on the floor,” said Adamyan according to CBS Miami
The police first became suspicious of Kaufman after one officer noted that his Mercedes-Benz was warm on the hood and was making clicking sounds as though it had just been driven when they arrived at his house on the night his wife died.
Adam Kaufman turns to speak to his identical twin Seth during the trial in Miami
Adam Kaufman turns to speak to his identical twin Seth during the trial in Miami
In addition, two firefighters who arrived at the scene told the court that it was suspicious to them that Kaufman was dressed and that only one side of the pair's bed appeared to have been slept in.

The defense dismissed this as pure speculation and even went as far as to say that the emergency workers could have mistaken Kaufman's identical twin Seth, who lived down the street and had come to the house that night, for his brother.

Lt Michael Castro reported that Kaufman told emergency workers that he found his wife slumped over a toilet like she had been vomiting.
In happier times Adam and Lina Kaufman are pictured on the beach near to their Florida home
In happier times Adam and Lina Kaufman are pictured on the beach near to their Florida home
The firefighter said that Kaufman changed his story at Aventura Hospital and said that he found his wife's neck resting on the magazine rack.

He also added that he was wary of Kaufman's 'odd' behaviour that shifted from calm to angry.

'It was almost like an act,' said Castro.

The defense have hired Dr Michael Bodden, the former medical examiner for New York City to debunk the prosecutions claims.

'The investigation underlying this case was biased, incompetent, flawed and inept,' said Matthewman.

Currently free on bail of $500,000, Kaufam could be sentenced to life imprisonment if he is convicted.

Read more:

Adam Kaufman : 'Spray Tan Trial' Why The Delay ?

The chief medical medical examiner for Miami-Dade County, Florida, said this week it took him about a year and half to investigate Lima Kaufman’s cause of death because he wanted to be sure.

Kaufman died in November 2007. Her husband, Adam Kaufman is on trial, accused of killing her. The case made national headlines in 2009 when Kaufman's defense suggested she died from an allergic reaction to spray tan.

Get caught up: Cop in ‘spray tan’ trial testifies about affair

On Monday, Dr. Bruce Hyman told the jury he suspected homicide from the beginning, but wanted to rule out other possibilities before making his determination. 

“I was concerned that this was a mechanical asphyxiation right from the start,” said Hyma. The forensic pathologist has performed or supervised 10,000 autopsies over the course of his career. “I clearly understood what was at stake here and I didn’t want to rush to judgment,” he said.

Hyma said Lina Kaufman suffered several injuries that led him to conclude she was strangled, including:
  • Ruptured blood vessels in her eyes
  • Linear scratch on the right side of her chin
  • Abrasion under the chin
  • Internal bleeding in the right and left muscles of the neck
  • Bruise under her left elbow
  • Bruise on top of her left shoulder
During opening statements last week, the defense made no reference to the spray tan theory, and instead blamed the death on an undiagnosed heart problem that caused fainting spells.
Hyma told the jury that testing on Lina Kaufman’s heart revealed a scar, but said there weren’t any flaws in her heart that played a role in her death.

Hyman was expected to continue his testimony Tuesday morning. In Session on truTV is covering the trial live, and coverage begins at 9 a.m. ET.

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Drew Peterson : Kathy Savio And Her Unanswered Cries - Kathy Was Drew's Third Wife.

Kathleen Savio
The third wife of Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant Drew Peterson, Savio, 40, was discovered by neighbors in her home in an empty bathtub with a 1-inch gash on the back of her scalp in 2004. Savio and Peterson were divorced, but the details of the divorce settlement were weeks away from being finalized when she died. Her death originally was ruled an accidental drowning, but authorities later said it was a homicide staged to look like an accident. Peterson is now in jail on murder charges in the death, and has pleaded not guilty.  Show more »

by David Murray

Kathy had repeated contacts with the Bolingbrook police, however. In response to inquiries from reporters, the department released a list of 19 calls for service, over about two years, starting in February of 2002; most involved minor disputes over visits with the children—they had what Smith, the lawyer, calls "traditional joint custody," giving Drew the kids every other weekend and some weekdays—but several confrontations turned physical. Twice Kathy had been reported for domestic battery, but charges were eventually dropped and the record was expunged. At the very least, the complaints show two people willing to go to great lengths to torment one another.

On March 11, 2002, Kathy filed for an emergency order of protection, which was granted by Will County Circuit Court judge Jeffrey Allen. Kathy wrote on the petition that Drew had threatened her over the phone and later had run after her. "[Drew] wants me dead," she wrote on the petition, "and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up." But on March 19th Drew's attorney filed a motion to reopen the order, and on March 22nd it was dismissed. Anna says Kathy reluctantly let the order drop because she was concerned the legal action would impinge on Drew's livelihood, on which she and her children still depended.

Several months later, on July 5th, an incident between Kathy and Drew came to the attention of the state's attorney's office. By then, Drew had moved to another house in the same subdivision. Their versions of what took place differ, as recorded in a Bolingbrook police report. By Kathy's account, she came down the stairs one day carrying a basket of laundry and Drew surprised her: "He pushed her backwards, causing her to sit on the stairway," the report says. "He told her not to move and when she tried to get up he pushed her back down. . . . He asked her if she was afraid and she told him she was. She finally told him to go or do what he came for, kill her. He said, OK, where do you want it. She told him in the head. He took out his knife but then said he could not hurt her."

As recounted in the same report, Drew maintained that Kathy had invited him over to talk, and he denied he had carried any weapons. He said they met on the stairway and sat on the stairs, talking. "They discussed the divorce, the children, what had gone wrong, etc. for approximately three hours. They cried, hugged, and Kathleen tried to kiss him, but he did not kiss her. She exposed her breasts and pubic area to him and asked if he missed this at all. . . ."

The Bolingbrook police submitted the report to the office of the Will County state's attorney, who at the time was Jeff Tomczak, a Republican political ally of Roger Claar (and a passing acquaintance of Drew). Kathy told her sister Anna that the state's attorney's office did nothing to help. Bolingbrook's current police chief, Ray McGury, thinks the state's attorney's office decided not to pursue the July 5th incident because Kathy had waited almost two weeks after it happened before reporting it to the police.

In November that year, Kathy frantically wrote Elizabeth Fragale, an assistant state's attorney under Tomczak: "On three different occasions I have tried to reach you over the phone," Kathy wrote. She went on to describe a number of physical and verbal altercations involving her, Drew, and Stacy, and she said of Drew, "He knows how to manipulate the system, and his next step is to take my children away. Or kill me instead. . . . I haven't received help from the Police here in Bolingbrook, and [am] asking for your help now. Before it's to late [sic]. . . .  Please return my call, or write with answers to my questions."

Fragale, now a prosecutor for Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan, and Tomczak, who now runs his own law firm in Joliet, won't discuss their response to Kathy's pleas. A spokesman for the current state's attorney, Jim Glasgow, says the office has been unable to find any documents indicating how the letter and the police report were addressed. Anna, who helped Kathy write the letter, says Kathy got no response from the state's attorney. Smith, who advised Kathy throughout her separation and divorce proceedings, said the state's attorney's office invited them to come in once for what he characterized as a cursory interview that was never followed up on.

(Kathy sent a copy of the November letter to Walter Jacobson, then a Fox News Chicago anchor. A separate cover letter argued that her story was not "your typical domestic" dispute, but a story about "corruption in Bolingbrook, and Will County." Jacobson says he can't recall getting the letter.)

At one point, Kathy appealed directly to the Bolingbrook chief of police for help. She had come to know Mike Calcagno during her marriage to Drew, and considered him a friend. "If anything happens to me," she told Calcagno, according to her sister Sue, "it's because Drew's killed me." Though there was an internal Bolingbrook PD investigation in conjunction with the July 5th incident, Calcagno did not officially discipline Peterson for that incident nor for any other matters relating to Kathy, and it's not known whether or how he took things up with Drew unofficially.

Now retired, Calcagno told Chicago that it would be "inappropriate" for him to say anything about the case with an investigation ongoing. He said that he took Kathy's warnings seriously enough to give her his cell phone number. He added, with his voice full of emotion, that she was "a beautiful person."

Why didn't Mayor Claar dress down the sergeant personally for the ruckus he and his wife were causing in their Bolingbrook subdivision, the way he had confronted Drew about his affair with Stacy? Boan, the village attorney, says that the mayor "had no knowledge at the time about the number of [911] calls that were placed to dispatch by these individuals."
Drew Peterson offered Chicago another theory: The mayor sympathized with him because "Kathy was known as a hellcat." Drew recounted a public event in the 1990s where a drunken Kathy leaped onto Boan's lap and kissed the mayor. Boan and Claar say they don't recall this incident. At any rate, the mayor concurs with Drew's assertion that, when it came to his noisy, lengthy dispute with his third wife, "Not a word was said" to him by the mayor.

Drew's attorney, Joel Brodsky, has his own theory as to why no official intervened in response to Kathy's many cries for help: In his experience, Brodsky says, it is not unheard of for women going through divorces to claim their husbands are trying to kill them. Brodsky adds an old divorce attorney's saw: "In criminal cases, you have very bad people acting very good—'Yes, sir,' 'No, sir.' In divorce cases you have very good people acting horribly."
Veteran Chicago divorce attorney Tracy Rizzo agrees that often people going through a divorce are hysterical, but as to whether they accuse a spouse of trying to kill them, she says, "Absolutely not."

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Drew Peterson : Engagement To Drew Peterson Was Stunt - Most Recent Ex Says They Were Never Engaged

Stacy And Drew Peterson : Home Movies 2003 -2004

Drew Peterson : Letter From Jail - Statement Analysis

Drew Walter Peterson (born January 6, 1954) is a former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police sergeant who is suspected of killing his third and fourth wives. The story has received national media attention in the United States. Peterson has repeatedly denied involvement in both cases. On May 7, 2009, Peterson was indicted by a Will County, Illinois grand jury and charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

I talk to my kids a couple of time a week and the hardest part about being in here is missing their events, birthdays and just watching them grow.

note "talk" is present tense; with "I" first person singular.

My little girl, now 5, ask me where I’m at and when are you coming home. It breaks my heart that I don’t have the answer for her. I don’t let my children visit me here. This is just a childhood memory I don’t want them to have.

"my little girl" is not indicative of a good/poor relationship given that this is a letter to the press. Had this been a statement to police we would expect the use of a name; where there is no name, we would look for a poor relationship. However, because this is not an investigation, it may be that Peterson does not want to use his daughter's name which is reasonable.

Also, we would need other writing samples to compare what he calls the 5 year old elsewhere. This is too small of a sample to learn about his relationship with her.

"just" is sometimes used to reduce. We are not told if it is a childhood memory he also shares.

It is interesting, however, that he tells the media that he does not allow his children to visit.

My other visits are few.

This is interesting. Look at the order:

1. I don't allow my children to visit
2. My other visits are few.

What other visits? He has not told us who visits; only who does not visit and that he has visits. This is common among deceptive people. He reports in the negative.

I do get

After reporting who doesn't visit (negative) he now turns to report in the positive; who sends letters:

I do get a lot of letters from new friends

"new friends" We don't know who visits him and we don't know if he has "old friends". Peterson is 56 years old and we would expect to hear about old friends supporting him. It is not what he reports.

all sending

Extra words give us additional information. "all" is an extra word used for emphasis. If a sentence works without it, the additional word tells us the subject is sensitive. Why is it sensitive? We would need to ask Peterson, however, in context, he first tells us that his children do not visit (1) then the tells us, in a vague and passive way that others visit (2) but now, his 3rd issue is that he gets letters.

I suggest that the "all" sensitivity indicates that Drew Peterson no longer has the support of friends and family and that "new" friends are not friends at all, but lost souls who seek to connect with infamous people via writing to prison; much like the troubled ones who send Casey Anthony money or marriage proposals.

Drew Peterson is boasting yet the words he has chosen reveal that he is actually lonely and casts doubt on whether or not it was his decision not to have his children visit.

encouraging words of love, friendship and hope.

Note the order of the words that his "new friends" send to him:

1. Love
2. Friendship
3. Hope

1. Love. In his history, we learn of many affairs with women and this may be that he continues to delude himself as a "ladies man". I suspect that his ego will continue along the line of "love" and romance, in his mind, at least.

2. Friendship. Here we have the repetition that in Statement Analysis is sensitive: when a word is repeated, always note it. Not only is is repeated, but it is redundant. Do "new friends" send "friendship"? "Friendship" is presupposed by the word "friend".

Drew Peterson is likely friendless in this world, outside the realm of the mentally ill and troubled who write letters to murderers.

3. Encouragement from "hope" is last. Does Drew Peterson believe he is going to be a free man? We will see if his letter reveals his thoughts.

One lady wrote me a letter calling me her hero due to the fact I saved her from an abusive home as a police officer several years ago.

Here is the ego; the hero saving the "lady" (not "woman" indicating that she likely did not meet his expectation of "woman" either by age or by enclosed photo. To be a "woman" I would suspect that she would have had to have been many years younger than himself.

I get contact visits

slightly passive. When something is passive, it is generally withholding of information. "the gun went off" is an example of passivity; withholding that the person pulled the trigger. Peterson likely does not get many (or lengthy) visits from attorney. I doubt he is someone an attorney would like to spend time with.

from my lawyers to prepare my case for trial. My legs are shackled to the floor and I sit on a small round stainless steel stool.

Rather than report about "my trial" and the lawyers visiting for preparation and how that is going, Peterson immediately follows this with how he is suffering by being shackled and note the sensitive extra wording about the stool. He didn't need to tell us that he sits during the visit. When "sit, stood, stand, sitting, standing, etc" enter a statement, it is an indication of stress or tension. Remember, it is important enough for a subject to state it, it is important.

Then, this seemingly dull unimportant sentence is given additional words. Not only does he "sit" during the visit, but it is a "stool". Not only is it a "stool" but a "stainless steel" stool. Not only is it a "stainless steel stool" but it is a "round" stainless steel stool. Not only is it a round stainless steel stool, but is is a "small" "round" stainless steel stool! Each additional word shows sensitivity to an already stressful topic.

Question: Why is it sensitive?

Answer: Because it is beneath Drew Peterson. (beneath his view of his own dignity and worth). the extra words show that it is not only sensitive, but highly sensitive; with each additional word holding meaning.

Not many people would even mention that they sat for a visit, but the sensitivity attached is extreme. Drew Peterson has been called a narcissist and this would certainly confirm it. He deludes himself into thinking that he is of such high value that the recipients of this letter would actually be offended that he is forced to sit on a small, round stainless steel stool rather than a chair.

The small round stainless steel stool is better than what his ex wives got.

Somewhat tedious, the written description above is to remind students of Statement Analysis NOT to overlook any additional word to a statement. As ponderous as it appears when writing and reading is as important as the topic is to Peterson.

The process of going to court can be hellish. I’m removed from my cell and pod, walked to a holding area then shackled. Placed into a transport vehicle alone. Then to the courthouse.

Note: does this sound "hellish" to you? To the subject, this is a humiliation he cannot bear. Note the missing pronoun before "Placed". This, apparently, is the worst of it for him that he is placed "alone". Being deemed as low as those he once shackled burns away at him; that he should be considered a danger and worthy of being "alone" is more than he can bear. This is his hell: not the murders nor the violence nor the affairs; but that he would not be shown the respect he so believes that he deserves.

The vehicle is normally parked next to the courthouse jail door to avoid the press getting pictures.

If you were to be in prison on certain charges, but knowing that the country believes you murdered 2 women, would you care to mention the type of chair you sit in? Likely not. But here, we see how self-important he is: a celebrity. You might take the time to talk about the injustice of it all and how you didn't do it. He complains about the chair, and brags about the press interest. This is important to him; far more than his children. He now romanticizes about it:

I remember the first time.

This sounds like someone might remember the first time he kissed his "missing" wife; or the first time he heard his child cry, or any romantic, marvellous recollection. What is his nostalgia?

As the vehicle went down the ramp to the courthouse door, it was parked away from the door: I was paraded in front of what looked like over 100 news cameras on the walls looking down at me. I guess they needed a “perp walk” to satisfy the press’s need to further exploit me.

He believes that the recipients of this letter will pity him; being exploited. He was "paraded" (notice the passive language; in an interview, I would explore this with him and likely discover that during his 'perp walk', a guard likely whispered something very unpleasant to him, perhaps on behalf of a dead woman's family, or something: he is withholding information and it is likely something highly sensitive and personally enraging.

Drew Peterson likely has a fierce temper; far beyond what many of us have ever witnessed. I would not have wanted to be one arrested by him; just as I would not have wanted my daughter or sister (or anyone!) involved with him.

"over 100 news cameras" grandiose language, yet, what really bothers him is found in the choice of words:
"looking down at me"

This is his hell: he is above the shackles, even above the stool. He is above being deemed dangerous and they are "looking down" at him.

I will venture a guess:

when his inflated self esteem felt attacked even by the slightest provocation was when he got the most physically violent with women.

"further exploit me" meaning that he has been "exploited" previously.

I was going to comment about the size of the two officers who escorted me into the courthouse. “I was going to go on a diet but I can just hang with these guys and look thin.”

Note the tense: "was going to" is weak. He gets the insult across and has focus upon body type and size; consistent with a misogynist and a narcissist, but not terribly bright knowing that any guards who feel insulted by him, are likely already provoked by his arrogance, and may want a moment of revenge. Foolish, but he cannot help himself.

They were nice guys so I just said, “Three squares a day and these spiffy clothes and check out this bling.” I heard those comments went national. It’s not easy being a national pastime.

Drew Peterson calls himself a "national pastime". No analysis nor commentary needed.

If you believe he is being sarcastic or "tongue in cheek" I refer you to the teaching on humor.

Comics and people who are being humorous, including sarcasm, still are subject to analysis as they choose their words for a reason. A stand up comic reveals more personal information than realized.

Once I’m in the courthouse I’m handcuffed, searched, and placed into a small 7×9 room awaiting court with nothing to do.

Verb tense change. Note that he has "nothing" to do. Does Drew Peterson believe that those who are paid to guard him must provide entertainment to him as well?

After being called for court I’m re-shackled and taken to the courtroom via a small elevator. I’m kept shackled in court and not allowed to talk to or signal anyone in the room except for my lawyers.

Note the number of lines dedicated to the routine that all prisoners go through. Now go back and note the number of lines he dedicated to his children. In fact, count the number of lines dedicated to his personal comfort, then note the number of lines he dedicates to declaring his innocence.

I really feel bad for the female inmates in court. They aren’t allowed any makeup and all look very stressed out.

This is how a domestically violent man may view himself. Feigned care for females is noted. Note the sensitivity connected to feeling bad ("really") and note why: they aren't allowed make up and looked very stressed out. Note that make up comes before stress. Order speaks to priority. He cannot hide his disdain for women.

This is the only place I have interacted with the other inmates. I normally get them laughing. I ask them how they think I would look in cornrows.

He is not funny. Does he think that other inmates (specifically those he mentioned who have no make up and are stressed) find him cute?

My time in court is normally short and I’m taken back to the small room where I wait for sometimes as long a five hours, to be taken back to my cell. I get a sack lunch with a bologna or peanut butter sandwich.

Note the additional words indicating sensitivity: his time in court--HIS time is short; the room HE goes to is small, where he has to wait for 5 hours and then he gets a meal that is beneath him. He eats better than 2 ex wives. He includes these details because they are important to him and he believes the readers of his letter will share their concern.

As I’m moved about the courthouse it drives the officers nuts when the other inmate call out my name or ask for autographs.

Present tense is not reliable. We may question that this ever happened. He may want us to believe it is a regular happening since he is a celebrity in his mind, but note not only the present tense but the singular "inmate".

I just laugh. When I’m taken back to the jail I’m shackled up again and isolated in a transport vehicle.

"just" is reduction. He wants to impress the reader that all of this doesn't bother him. This, after using up most of the letter showing us just how much it does bother him; noted by repeated high levels of sensitivity. The low view of him is his personal hell; not prison, not the deaths of others, not the separation from his children. It is that anyone could look down upon him and not see him as he sees himself is living hell to Drew Peterson.

One time I was transported back with about five female inmates on the opposite side of the vehicle partition. We were all joking back and forth.

Another "fond recollection" having to do with females. Note "we" indicates cooperation. Whether or not they joked "with" him or not, he believes it was a cooperative effort, ie, that they enjoyed his presence.

One young girl was complaining that her parents weren’t coming up with her bond money. So I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

Note first person singular, past tense. This is reliable.

Drew Peterson was engaged to a 23 year old at the time of his arrest. He includes this because it is important to him to show that even at his age, "young girls" and "females" can view him as he views himself.

I then told her to call her parents and tell them she got engaged to DREW PETERSON in the county jail. I said her parents would have her bond money that night. Big laugh.

Note that "told" is strong where "said" does not carry authority or weight. He instructed her, under his authority and his name would carry weight with her parents, so much so, that they would get money.

Drew Peterson has been called a narcissist. He has done his best to confirm it.

At the jail I’m strip searched again. I laugh every time I’m told to squat and cough while naked.

Drew Peterson's sexuality is of concern to him; and likely his sexual safety. It is important for him, as he addresses the public, that the public knows that he is so above such things, that "every time" he "laughs". He is likely the only one there laughing.

I’m then walked back to my pod and turned over to officers there. I normally greet my captors with “HONEY I’M HOME” and then directed to my cell.

When someone reports what they "normally" do, it does not mean that it happened. Although little relevance here, in Statement Analysis it is often used in deception.

Q. What time did you get to work Thursday?
A. Oh, Thursday? Hmm, let me see. I normally get to work early each day, as it makes my clients comfortable. I am a real go getter and my clients come first for me. I have been often said to...

Note: The subject was likely late for work Thursday.

It’s a funny phenomenon. The days in here drag but the time flies.

The comic and the philosopher.

I have always been a busy man working as many as six jobs. I sometimes earned as much as $100 per hour. Now I’m begging for the staff here to allow me to work as a pod worker, for long hours to earn $7.50 a week worth of Moon Pies and or stamps just for something to do.

It is the small, petty man who equates his money to his worth. This is sensitive to him as he must declare his value and the "hell" continues as others do not share his opinion of his value.

From time to time they place me on suicide watch but the only time I think about suicide is when they ask me if I’m thinking about suicide.

Drew Peterson thinks about suicide.

Even as he attempts to make a denial with humor and sarcasm, we find the words "I think about suicide".

He is on watch for good reason. His narcissism has not deceived the professionals there. He may have fooled his women and their parents, but he apparently struggles to get past the prison professionals.

As far as my case goes, my lawyers are ready for trial.

Finally a single sentence about his trial.

I heard that Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow had a tantrum about the judge’s ruling in my case so the state is appealing to a higher court. The law says I was supposed to be freed. But like most of my other constitutional rights this too has been violated.

"I heard" is passive and as such, is not reliable. Is he hiding who may have said it to him, or was it never said?

I can’t believe I spent 32 years defending the United States Constitution with my life which now doesn’t seem to apply to me.

His view of his work was not that he gave out tickets for illegally parked cars, but was actually as a natiional treasure defending the United States Constitution for 32 years! This is his view of his own life, his own hell, and his work.

And hey Jim, didn’t you take and oath of office to defend the Constitution, not to change it. Too much power, too much ego,

Prison has not humbled Drew Peterson a bit.

The words he chooses are important; especially "too much power, too much ego".

To quote Judge Strictland,


Drew Peterson : First Interview From Jail.

Uploaded by on 15 May 2009

Matt Lauer talks to Drew Peterson over the phone.

Drew explains his theory that juries should be made of trained legal and forensics experts rather than lay people, chides law enforcement for arresting him while he was on the way to the bank to make a deposit, and tells Matt to "Have a good day".


Drew Peterson :Peterson told a Will County judge Thursday that he was on board with jury selection starting July 23.

May 18, 2012

Drew Peterson is set to go on trial — again.

The former Bolingbrook police sergeant was first scheduled to go on trial for murder in 2010, but a last-minute appeal by prosecutors in the highly publicized case triggered two years of delays. During that time, the original presiding judge retired, and a
Lifetime movie starring Rob Lowe as Peterson aired on television.

Peterson told a Will County judge Thursday that he was on board with jury selection starting July 23. His trial on charges he drowned his third wife,
Kathleen Savio, would begin July 30.

"Yes, your honor," Peterson told Judge Edward Burmila when asked if he was "comfortable" with that date. "I've been in solitary confinement for three years, your honor." more,0,2673112.story